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Empowering investors with data-driven insights.

Our company envisions a financial landscape where investors can confidently navigate dividend investments, empowered by data-driven insights. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation in dividend scoring software, providing comprehensive tools that assess the stability and reliability of dividend-paying companies. Through cutting-edge technology and meticulous analysis, we aim to foster a community of informed investors who can make sound financial decisions, achieving their long-term goals with certainty and precision.

Our mission is to reshape dividend investments by providing advanced scoring software.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way investors approach dividend investments by offering a comprehensive platform that evaluates, educates, and empowers. We are committed to developing dividend scoring software that leverages advanced algorithms and real-time data, enabling investors to make informed decisions with confidence. Through transparent and actionable insights, we aim to bridge the gap between investors and the intricate world of dividend-paying companies. Our relentless pursuit of accuracy, reliability, and user-centric design underpins our dedication to enhancing financial literacy and fostering a new era of secure investments.


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A view at what we do at Dividend Scorer.

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Hunter A​

Founder & CEO

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John F​

Board Member

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